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The Fellowship of Former Scouts And Guides (FOFSAG) Malaysia was formed in 1986 to help to federate all the various Trefoil and BP Guilds throughout Malaysia with a view of establishing a single national organisation for affliction to the International Fellowship of Former Scouts and Guides (Now known as ISGF) which is based in Brussels.


At the time FOFSAG Malaysia was formed there were only two known groups or as we call them Guilds, both in Kuala Lumpur. Members for both the guilds decided to make an effort to join the International body as a member. A proteam committee was formed and they drew up a constitution for adaptation by Scouts and the Girl Guides Association of Malaysia. Both parties formally excepted the constitution at a ceremony on the 23rd March 1985 held at the Wisma Pandu Puteri, Kuala Lumpur. With this in place FOFSAG Malaysia applied for membership to the International Fellowship and we were then excepted as members at the 16th General Assembly (Now called  World Conference) that was held in New Zealand in 1985.


Todate we are having five member guilds and twenty-five Central Branch members. The Central Branch membership was introduced to members who are not able to join a guild, as there is yet a guild at their location. We hope with this option for members we can be able to establish guild branches in all states.

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